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Mastering Windows Server 2003

Sunday, August 02, 2009 ·

2uj1ter.jpgThe single most comprehensive and understandable book on the subject, Mastering Windows Server 2003 continues author Mark Minasi's award-winning tradition of clear and comprehensive coverage of Microsoft's Windows Server products. This book shows you how to plan, configure and install your network, keep it running its best, and fix it if it breaks. And you still get all the coverage you need for the Windows 2000 Server installations that remain part of your environment.

Coverage includes:
* Configuring IP, DHCP, DNS, and WINS to achieve the right foundation for your network
* DNS explained in everyday English, from basics to advanced design
* Designing, running, and maintaining Active Directory-based domains with Server 2003 and 2000 Server
* Running your own Web, FTP, and e-mail server with 2003
* Controlling hundreds, even thousands, of workstations with group policies and security templates
* Tuning and monitoring your network
* Securing your network from split-brain DNS to AD delegation to group policies, logs, IPSec, PKI and more
* Using Windows Server 2003 to share Internet connections
* Complete coverage of all new 2003 features

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